T/Blues: 08/18-19/2012

Find Duluth much more appealing than expected (admittedly, it IS Summer, so snow aversion is easy). Its airport seems to be on TOP of a low mountain range, so coming in, get a birds-eye view of Lake Superior.


For Dylan, a “way out”?

As it’s Saturday, traffic seems light, and downtown quite uncluttered. Local hospital offers free parking, so am able to just “dump” my van, and “hoof it” around downtown.

There’s not really a whole bunch to see. (Well, there IS a Bob Dylan street sign.)

Downtown has some old buildings, but not much vitality. Most pedestrians seem to be those too poor to own cars. (There does seem to be a thriving drug trade, saw no hooker action… though maybe they’re still asleep).


Old Lighthouse

Lunch in busy Zitger Brewhouse, then step outside and take a long, lovely walk in warm sunshine back to Canal Park. Surprise an older, grandparental couple, by offering to play photographer which allows a full, three-generation family picture. Ditto for a young Asian couple and their kids, on their way to a colorful lighthouse.

Library: there are large print books, and then there are LARGE print books!

Up early next morning, discover a very modern library is closed, but a marvelous old train station has become multiple museums. Entering its “waiting room” realize some “do” has people preparing and, within half-an-hour, a full-fledged “No H8” campaign supporting gay marriage is in full swing. Big find was a guy with a small cart selling Nathan’s Coney Island hot dogs. (My objective of losing weight cannot be doing well!)

Yes, Virginia, this bridge DOES raise and lower the entire roadbed

Cross bridge over to Superior/WI, and have a splendid tour of lakefront Fairlawn Mansion and Museum. Say what we will about the 1%, they DID know how to live in grand style. Am also blown away (as this is NOT a BIG city) at magnificent Cathedral of Christ the King. Definitely on a European scale.


“Fairlawn” (lakefront) Mansion/Museum: “If ya got it, flaunt it!”


Cathedral of Christ the King

Pause in a small “family” motel which promises Wi-Fi, but am never able to get it working.

Ah, sweet mysteries of Life…


2 Responses to T/Blues: 08/18-19/2012

  1. Peg Smith says:

    You sure do find some interesting architecture in your travels. Thanks for sharing.

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