Trips: 2007

(NOTE: as time permits, plan to continue “seeding” this w/descriptions. As items get added, will announce via “posts”)

In March, take off “locally” just a bit north of San Francisco to check-out “new to me” Charles Schultz “Peanuts” museum in Santa Rosa (pure delight) in Santa Rosa (c’mon, Hitchcock fans, you DO remember “Shadow of a Doubt”, right?).  Realizing there was more, bop up there again in April.

By Memorial Day, “travel bug” stimulates a sojourn up to Sacramento area, and continue to meander in and out of small towns along I-5, until reaching Ashland/OR’s always joyous Shakespeare Festival.

Continuee east along OR’s southern border, and sidle up its southeast corner, before slipping into southern ID. Through remote mining/farming towns or big cities, my “official” query about immigration policies brings responses of greater subtlty and insight, than expected based upon media descriptions of these “Red States”.

Find ID a series of visual delights: long open plains and farms, forests, cascading  waters, and people immensely open and friendly to this “West Coast liberal”.

Long-standing curiosity about “where the rails met” leads me down into northern UT, and, if Promontory Point is a bit “slicker” than expected, is it my place to beef?

Swing back up into ID’s southeast corner, with Craters of the Moon in mind, and am again rewarded along the way: visually, and personally. (Somehow, CA license plates are to people what honey is to flies).

Head eastward again into WY’s always beautiful Yellowstone Park, before climbing north into south-central MT. Again, find ghost towns and modern cities of charm and delight. Cap off my visit crossing Glacier National Park east-to-west  (less stressful direction: traversing Going-to-the-Sun Road – am “next to” mountain bulk, rather than at the nerve-wracking “edge of the precipice”). Head south after leaving Glacier’s western gateway, and re-enter ID through east-central forests and mountains.

Cut across and up into Lewiston/Clarkston ID/WA border, and begin a return slicing across WA’s southeastern side, picking up my beloved US-97 (a wonderful, empty highway redolent with fir forest aroma).

But, enough about ME… where have YOU been traveling?


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