A Travellin’ Blues Primer – “Why” and “How”

This page consists of two parts:

Part I –  “WHY?” offers insights about what prompted creating this blog

Part II – “HOW?” offers insights on its “organization” & ideas on how it might be used

Part I – WHY?

Years ago, read (highly recommended) “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat Moon. Whether by inspiration (or desperation), he chose to “journey” not on Interstates (red lines on maps) designed for those with a “destination”, but on more minor roads (which maps mark in blue) for those more interested in a “journey”. His book generated my own curiosity about small towns and large spaces served by “blues”.

Tho “See the USA in Your Chevrolet” would be perfect for my generation, wander around like a turtle,  in an old, moderately modified, 1993 Dodge van.


A man & his van

Over the years, inflicted some of my travel observations on friends via e-mail, but photos presented problems in a sense of finding a practical balance between those thought worthy of sharing & how many people were willing to import as attachments. Hope blogging offers sufficient satisfaction & stimulation that compensates for any less sturdy text.

The idea behind “Travellin’ Blues” is to encourage others to try to get beyond just “glancing” at “less noticeable” villages, towns and cities. Many have charm, and, for lack of a better word, “rhythm”, which makes them a nice alternative to our often “faster-paced” lives.

“T/Blues” anticipated audience is family/friends aware of me “tinkering” around the country. If you’re not part of that “core” group, can only welcome you and hope you’ll find your time here worthwhile.

Would like to try publishing  something at least once a week.

Hope at least some of these excursions will resonate with you. If it helps “get you off your butt” to visit someplace new, or just makes you feel a little better knowing these places exist, will consider this blog successful.

Further, hope too, this can be “interactive”. Admittedly, am more fascinated by MY travels than those of others, but if you’ve enjoyed places, please feel free to share them.

Part II – HOW?

(NOTE: if it turns out these notes don’t make sense, pls advise me & will try again!  Thanks/CEG)

1. Organizationally, blog “posts” will describe what has been visited within a particular  time frame. Blog posts will offer an indication of my immediate response to places.

2. Where there is an extended description of a particular place, there will be a blog “page” identifying a place & date.

3. Blog “pages” will be grouped by year (e.  g., “Trip – 2009)

4. When a blog “post” includes a place for which there is a corresponding blog “page”, will “flag” it (e. g., “paused briefly

in Newburgh/IN (page) to chat up…”

5. In cases where places visited in the past get blog “pages” created, will send out a blog “post” identifying additions.


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