2012/06/24 – Ashland/OR: Downtown

Situated in a wide, sloping valley between two modest mountain ranges, Ashland rests just north of California, and about equidistant between San Francisco/CA and Seattle/WA.

Aside from fabled Shakespeare Festival, it has lovely Emigrant Lake, Southern Oregon University, and a marvelous Science Museum. Additionally, it is within easy driving distance to Jacksonville/OR’s famed Britt Summer Music Festival.

For most of us, tho, circulating around downtown fills time between plays: often to fill our tummies; find a place to lay our weary head; or, in grand American tradition, to spend money.  Downtown Ashland offers “something for everyone”.

Essentially two long streets, “downtown” sorta starts where a bridge crosses Ashland’s Lithia Creek, and ends a few blocks further south at the library.


“We Are Here” sculpture (100 N Main): memorial to area’s “original” settlers


Calle Guanajuato: al fresco dining along Lithia Creek


IOOF Bldg – Black Sheep Pub (51 N Main): delicious ersatz England


“Alex’s” Building (35 N Main): imitable food


Plaza: “Pioneer” Lithium Water Fountain (1 N Main): don’t they make BATTERIES out of Lithium?


Rocky Mt Chocolate (33 E Main): “A town w/o chocolate, is a town w/o soul” (the little honey on the bench is calling her dentist)


Main St Commercial: “Shop till you drop”


Ashland Springs Hotel (212 E Main): a throwback to the “where the elite meet to eat” daze


Village Baker (374 E Main): “A slice of Life”?


Public Library (410 Siskiyou): like “Home”… a place where they gotta take you in


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