2012/06/21 – Willows/CA

Am immediately impressed that streets are “Mormon”-wide (Brigham Young, in plotting out Salt Lake City/UT required streets be wide enough to allow a horse-drawn wagon to make a U-turn midblock).

Drop van next to deserted Memorial Park,  near sand-tan Civic Center buildings, then continue up Lassen St, across which God & Caesar (First Baptist Church and City Hall) observe one another closely. Turn onto Walnut, but find their Historical Museum closed.

Continue over to Shasta St, with its “Sweet” mortuary, and on to appreciate murals gracing the side of Glenn County Title Company.

Along Sycamore St again, it’s a bit sad to note how rundown a once vibrant “downtown” has become. Charming Reidy Building sports a plaque describing its many “re-incarnations”, yet it sits desolate. Then take a long “detour” down Tehama (“down by the railroad tracks” for those of you with long, somewhat risque musical memories) to be awed at the size of now abandoned grain silos.


Glenn County Courthouse… 526 W Sycamore


Civic Auditorium… 535 W Sycamore


First Baptist Church… 154 N Lassen


Historical Museum… 390 W Walnut

Mural 1

“Pastoral” mural… 100? S Shasta

Mural 2

“Pastorale” mural… 100? S Shasta


Reidy Building… 132 W Sycamore


“Against the grain”?


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