2012/07/10 – Portland/OR

From “Nob Hill” (where the hostel is located), through “The Pearl”, into “Old Town – Chinatown”  sounds daunting, but Portland is flat, most of its blocks are short, and there’s plenty to see. Through daylight hours, there never seems to be a “safety” issue.

Although The Pearl has converted a lot of big, old warehouses to offices/residences etc., there remain occasional reminders that some old, small businesses exist.

In Old Town – Chinatown, a Chinese restaurant is a bit more upscale than some, but, compared with a modern office building  just a couple blocks away, it seems an architectural throwback.

The stub of Old Town – Chinatown which “crosses” Burnside, has still a different feel. Ankeny Arcade has “bits and pieces”, but the “real deal” is a series of old buildings whose facades tell a tales of workmanship and ornamentation generally too expensive to be duplicated today.


The Pearl: the new – Oblation Paper/Press


The Pearl: the old – a colorful auto repair shop?


Old Town Chinatown: old” architecture


Old Town – Chinatown: “new” architecture

Old Town – Chinatown: Skidmore Fountain


Old Town – Chinatown: New Market Block


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