T/Blues: 08/20/2012

After technology failure at my motel, wandered downtown to an amazing array of murals: history; seasons; Coast Guard, and military… and, big, long murals, too. As Ashland rests alongside a bay, their lakefront park’s bandshell offers audiences a splendid nautical view at each performance.

As our high school class reunion sets us into the 1950s, a couple murals on outside walls at Buddie’s held a promise of spots where we used to spend our time and money. Alas, just “Buddie” in a setting of Elvis and Corvette posters: all those cute, pony-tailed girls behind a soda fountain are now historical memories.

Back onto US-2 and into Ironwood/MI, where a couple blocks of South Marquette offers a variety of churches: Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran.


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