2012/07/11 – Portland/OR

Lovely greenery makes walking near-empty streets in The Pearl a delight.

Visible from Tanner Springs Park, “The Great White Bridge” remains an aesthetic memory, and an irony of steam emerging from a brewery and a fire engine parked in front give rise to a number of possibilities.

OK… so it ISN’T “Voodoo Economics”, but it’s still cool.

A building is on Salmon… so, guess a salmon on a building…

The Pearl: view OF the bridge

The Pearl: Bridgeport Brewery… KNEW firemen liked beer, but…


Old Town – Chinatown: “you do that voodoo, that you do so well”

Old Town – Chinatown: “why that’s OBSCENE!”


Downtown: “Leapin’ Salmon, Fishman!”


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