2012/07/12 – Portland/OR

Aptly named, Nob Hill’s has a Trader Joe’s (i. e., an interesting concept: high quality groceries at reasonable prices… could any aspiring Yuppie ask for more?) some interesting (if noisy bars); an ad hoc movie house which seems to be open on whim (and allows beer while you watch?) and an “art house” (tonight’s feature: a new print of “All’s Quiet on the Western Front”); and, al fresco dining at pizza parlors & “modified” (?) al fresco (windows open to street noise) at more upscale spots.

Rather than let buildings sit empty and grow ugly, why not look for new uses, right? And, oh, these old Victorians? Well, let’s gussy them up a bit… maybe people will notice.

The Japanese-American Historical Plaza sits roughly where Everett Street ends at Waterfront Park. With its small hillocks, bushes and muted-gray, grave “stones”, it doesn’t reach out and grab you. As you move slowly from thought-to-thought, stone-to-stone, anyone familiar with our history of discrimination against Asians, must feel a keen sense of disappointment at an act so careless, these scars remain.

Now, c’mon… it’s a hot, humid day… just walking around has worked up a sweat… wouldn’t it be OK to at LEAST be able to take off our shoes and wade around, ankle-deep. Sure… why not? Go on… just “do it!”


Nob Hill: Are the Irish all home sleeping it off?


Nob Hill: what a great sense of color…


Nob Hill: auto garage converted to cabinet maker


Nob Hill: “Of course, I’d love to come in and look around… you’re SURE it’s no bother?”

Old Town – Chinatown: Japanese-American Historical Plaza (Waterfront) – poem

Old Town – Chinatown: Japanese-American Historical Plaza (Waterfront) – poem

Waterfront: Ira Keller Fountain – splish-splash



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