2012/06/22 – Yreka/CA

First, wander into Yreka Park to check out “Native American Memorial”. Nothing fancy, but a wonderful sculpture, and a couple “bulletin boards” describing pre-European settlers.

Continue down Miner, past an old library converted to a police station,  VERY interesting “Blue” building (which I forgot to go back to for details), and “Frenchie’s Hotel” (a throwback to Yreka’s early days). Around the corner, on Broadway, a “Furnishings Store” sports some trompe l’oeil on the front and a huge historical mural on its side. Up 4th St, St John’s and St Joseph’s also harken back to earlier times.


Native American Memorial Park – entrance… 500 Miner


Native American Memorial Park – “Family” sculpture… 500 Miner


Library > Police Station… 412 Miner


“Blue” Building… 3xx Miner


“Frenchie’s Hotel”… 310 – 318 Miner


Furnishings Building – front… 209 Broadway


Historical mural… 209 Broadway


St John’s Church… 300 Lane


St Joseph’s Church… 350 4th


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