2012/06/21 – Orland/CA

Orland’s “Historic Downtown” is a “quick study”: basically, it’s a stroll down 4th St. (In “fair”-ness, tho, Heritage Park, out Yolo St, at the county fairgrounds, is worth a quick visit).

(Many “Valley” farming towns, “grew up” along the railroad tracks which brought their products to remote markets, thus “downtown” is, generally, close to railroad tracks).

Late afternoon sunlight offers lovely shadows, but, too late for customers, shops are closing, owners and staff scuttle toward cars, open doors, remove windshield sunshades, then fan overheated auto interiors. It’s all “hurly-burly”, but there’s a sense that, were it choreographed, it would be a clever dance routine.

Pass local “biggies”: IOOF & Masonic buildings whose Past probably has greater value than their Future, a now-converted movie theater. Historic Anna Schmidt House/Museum is closed, and only their about-to-close-for-the-day library and  a few flatulent pickup trucks traversing this wide street hold desolation at bay. A couple bars, on other streets suggest some night life, but there is a sense that, after dark, all vitality departs.


IOOF Building… 731 4th


Orland Theater… 809 4th


Library Park… 333 Mill


Anna Schmidt House/Museum… 990 Yolo


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