2012/06/24 – Ashland/OR: Lithia Park

What’s to SAY?

A charming gem, cheek-by-jowl w/Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival, it’s where you while away your time if you’re NOT a shopper.

Hiking trails, gushing Lithia Creek, a playground for kids (and, ambivalently, for their unemployed fathers fielding cellphone interviews), intimate picnic groves, a bandshell… neat! (Now, if they’d just clean that yucky algae out of the Duck Pond… Digger’s Gruel looked better than that!)

“Sometimes a Great Commotion”… wandering thru, heard “the drums, the drums, the jungle drums”, and, discovered to my delight, an all-woman Taiko class offering a free concert at bandshell. Approaching their leader afterward to offer a word of thanks, mentioned a famous Taiko “master” who lives a few doors down (most mornings when I go shoot my hoops, he comes out to do his exquisite motion exercises) and teaches in SF’s Japantown. Turns out HER teacher was trained by my neighbor, so we challenged nearby Lithia Creek w/our gushing. (My cup overfloweth).


Playground: the golden sounds of children’s laughter


A bridge to Somewhere


“A river (well, a creek, actually) runs through it?


“… and water flows downhill”


“A jug of wine; a loaf of bread; and Thou”


Bandshell: an all-woman Taiko concert



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