2008/08/04 – Corning/CA

Coming off I-5, onto Corning’s main drag, there’s this, like, totally awesome store called “The Olive Pit” (2156 Solano). I mean, it’s like, FULL of olives. I mean, like, if you can THINK of something “olivey”, bet it’s on there shelves somewhere.

But, “Yes”, there’s more than just a heavy duty responsibility of being “Olive Capital”.

Corning is not a fancy, or sophisticated town… just sort of rock-bottom, pragmatic, townies-cum-tourists American realism.

Somehow, it was not an “Explorer Day” (100 degrees in the shade brings out the sissy in me), but, moving away from I-5, there is a nice, if somewhat “cluttered” strip along Solano Avenue to restore your confidence in urban planning being observed more in the breach, than in observance.

But, that said… an old movie theater (yeah, DO love’m), historic Miner’s Inn (which has served “all & any” since early times), a small civic auditorium…


Rodgers Theater… 1217 Solano


Miner’s Inn… 1301 Solano

Vet's Bldg

Veteran’s Memorial Building… 1620 Solano


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