T/Blues 7/12/2014 – Preparation

July 12, 2014

Well, it’s been SO long since using this blog, figure a “reminder course” is in order.

As usual, am doing extensive research into “what’s ta see” along the way back to Libertyville/IL.

Basically, my path is to head S to catch I-10 (remain leery about taking van over mountains) in Santa Monica, taking a peek @ Palm Springs & Joshua Trees, before heading thru desert over to Phoenix.

Still mostly a “driving gig” over to Austin/TX to check in w/my cousin. Hope to visit friends in Bastrop on the way down to Houston’s art museum.

Back up to Dallas – Ft Worth (LOTS to see, including some famous art museums), before heading up toward Tulsa (another interesting art center), then continuing up to Kansas City (gotta check out whether “everything’s up to date”).

Eastward then thru Missouri, w/another pause in St Louis, and a final leg up thru Illinois cornfields to Chicago.

Assuming van/I manage all of that, after our high school reunion-cum-birthday-celebration, might consider continuing further E to see friends/family before doing the long trip back.

Don’t expect to have it at my fingertips, but my cellphone 415/235-0668 will travel w/me. Will also settle on my G-mail acct “ceg1934a@gmail.com” for e-mail.

Remain reluctant to “embrace” Facebook (all those unknown people clamoring to “friend” me… are they all desperate fools or knaves, w/o any discriminating taste? And, why does Facebook make their presence not easily removable?). “Twitter”? (in MY youth, “Twits” were, well… you know… DORKY!), and “Tweeting”? Reminds me of old Tom & Jerry cartoons. Well, you get the picture.