2012/06/21 – Calistoga/CA

This jaunt covers about a square mile north of Calistoga’s main drag, Lincoln Avenue.

There’s nothing “magical” about this “mystery” tour:  just some little insights about a small part of a small town.

Hope you find at least some small measure of my stroll’s pleasure.

Started at Cedar & Lincoln & walked past Pioneer Park, and wandered up to Berry.

1300 Cedar

Home… 1300 Cedar St

1300 Cedar

Home… 1300 Cedar

Brown House

Brown House… 1371 Cedar


Crossed over, pausing for a long line of youngsters to inefficiently navigate Berry St on their way into an Episcopal summer camp, as a very patient FedEx driver waited patiently. Berry then converts into Third…

Community Presbyterian Church

Community Presbyterian Church… 1403 Third

South again on Washington, passing Ben Springsteen Museum & Council Chambers

Sharpsteen Museum: old home

Ben Sharpsteen Museum… 1311 Washington

Sharpsteen Museum - Brannan Cottage

Ben Sharpsteen Museum … 1311 Washington – Brannan Cottage

Sharpsteen Museum - museum

Ben Sharpsteen Museum … 1311 Washington – museum

Council Chambers

City Council Chambers… 1232 Washington

Finally, a short stroll along main drag, Lincoln Avenue…

Calistoga Bank

Calistoga National Bank Bldg… 1373 Lincoln

Train Depot

Old Train Depot Bldg…1458 Lincoln

Train Depot... rolling stock

Train Depot – Western Pacific & Southern Pacific railroad cars converted to boutiques

Indian Valley Art Gallery -

Indian Valley Art Gallery… 1506 Lincoln – “Tree of Past Loves” art construction

The Maze

A Maze… 1540? Lincoln

Doc Wilkinson's

Dr Wilkinson’s Victorian Cottage… 1547 Lincoln


One Response to 2012/06/21 – Calistoga/CA

  1. Howard says:

    We were in Calistoga about a week before you. Heat wave. Loved the “message trees” outside art gallery. Love the small town feel of this truly small town.

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