8/13/2017 – THIS IS THE PLACE


An overnight thunderstorm and mighty wind leaves no traces except sandspots on van. Sunrise opens lips of carmine/black and floods SLC w/sunlight.

Am surprised to discover what was once “Greek Town” – an area near Pioneer Park which once was home to immigrants.

On this quiet Sunday morning, SLC’s extra-wide streets seem almost empty – few cars, no trucks, just semi-silent streetcars sliding past, and occasional visitor autos meandering around in search of shady parking spaces.

Wander out near railroad stations, remembering in 1990, Margarita met me here before we began OUR cross-country tour. Much changed (though “down-&-outers”, for whom Mormons had provided housing, have expanded into “homeless” and collect in parks and sidewalks). Union Pacific & Denver, Rio Grande stations still exist, but UP has morphed into “Gateway Center” mall.











Pass Devereaux Mansion while heading back to Temple Square.






Today things seem a bit listless: well-dressed, polite Mormon parishioners and guides; a few, less appropriately garbed visitors. My favorite sculpture of a family pulling a two-wheel handcart across the plains still touches me deeply. An organ recital in Mormon tabernacle offers background music. Families line up for “selfies” with church as background.




















Move beyond Lion House & Beehive House to giant eagle sculpture framing Capitol on hill beyond. A couple anomalies: Alta Club and O. C. Tanner Jewelry offer architectural gems fast fading from view.



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