8/29/2014 – Bath Night?


Leave Stratford in mid-morning. Sunlight sparkles through effervescent prisms of as-yet-undried dew on long, flat fields of tall, green corn. An aroma of freshly plowed land provides an agreeable “air-conditioning” alternative to van’s antiseptic chill.

Miss Shakespeare turn-off, and, with my usual luck, turning south in New Hamburg takes me through New Dundee… a tiny hamlet quintessentially English: stone buildings and thatched roofs. (Alas, having taken computer-provided distances to be expressed in “miles”, am too anxious to stop for photos. Later, realize distances were provided [being done in Canada]  in “kilometers”, and thus, driving burden will be substantively reduced). Continue past villages and towns, before making my way back into Buffalo/NY.


Head east on I-190/I-90, but at Batavia, shift south onto NY-63. Just beyond East Bethany, am treated to rolling farmland, tree-lined roads, and then to a gorgeous northeast-to-southwest valley enclosed by a perimeter of low, forested, mountains. Charming Geneseo beckons, but feel a need to “go further”. Climb onto I-390 near Conochton, and as freeway “pauses” in Bath/NY, so do I.


Turns out to be a delightful decision (though still regret failing to stop in other charmers passed through much too quickly).

An attractive town square surrounded by churches, civic buildings, old hotels and small businesses.

After “settling in”, choose funky Stephanie’s Kitchen for dinner. An interesting choice: a sort of Norman Rockwell microcosm… new entrants are greeted by name, and sit, apparently “where they always sit”, a waitress’s teenage daughter alternates between doing homework at their “lunch counter” and refilling ketchup containers and salt shakers. A young waitress, pulls out a chair, during a lull, and chats up a family and their pre-teen sons. Food will never grace Gourmet magazine’s pages, but, all-in-all, am happy with my selection.

“Casey, Crime Photographer” needs to “walk off” carbs/cholesterol, so stroll around square, up-and-down entire business district, and through lovely neighborhoods where Fred MacMurray or Donna Reed would seem right at home.

Bath/NY: First Presbyterian Church

Bath/NY: First Presbyterian Church

Bath/NY: Steuben County Courthouse

Bath/NY: Steuben County Courthouse

Bath/NY: Downtown

Bath/NY: Downtown


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