8/25-28/2014 – Oh, Canada


Monday, join Louise and her pals Pat and Sheryl hiking along Avon River, past Festival theaters, and on downtown: our reward is tea and pastry at Revel Caffe. Not bad. Later, we drop in on Pat and her husband, Larry, both Brit immigrants to Canada; both professional teachers, We discuss “politics”… but ironically, it’s US politics, because it’s more “visible” on a world stage than anything in Canada.

Stratford/ONT: Neighborhood homes

Stratford/ONT: Neighborhood homes

Stratford/ONT: Parlour Restaurant

Stratford/ONT: Parlour Restaurant


Tuesday, wander downtown to check out Justin Bieber’s favourite ice cream emporium, then head down to Festival Theatre for a charming performance of “A Beaux’s Stratagem” (tho, at times, “Bozos” comes to mind). It’s a good crowd, but notice here as in many venues, youth is visibly in a minority. Planning for tomorrow’s BBQ, Louise drives us out into the boonies for fresh corn as dusk descends: that corn is unattended is no problem – just take what we need and place appropriate payment in a small bucket. This is definitely Canada.


Wednesday, Louise’s friend Pat treats me to a lecture on Swedish “Queen Christina”. Am vaguely aware of Q/C as starring roles for Greta Garbo (1930s) and Liv Ullman (1960s), but am surprised this “take” is on her bi-sexuality. Lead actresses admit ambiguity makes roles demanding, and am saddened to have to miss it.

In early evening, Louise’s friends join us for a BBQ-cum-potluck: Allen plays chef, Pat and Larry, Sheryl and husband, Paul bring musician son Michael, and later India-born, England-bred Brenda and her old school chum, visitor Jeremy. Most, “cat people” supporting feral cats, leave Michael and Jeremy alone to solve world problems.


Before work Thursday, Louise performs her mission-of-mercy for several bands of feral cats. In evening, we descend upon Festival Theatre’s magnificent performance of “King Lear”. (Having watched several members of this cast in “Beaux’s Stratagem” am again reminded how remarkable this craft is)

Stratford/Ontario: Shakespeare Festival Theatre

Stratford/Ontario: Shakespeare Festival Theatre


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