8/13/2014 – OK Art


Head over to Philbrook Museum of Art early, and find this public bequest from Phillips Oil family one of “The One Percent” crowd’s better gestures. (On the other hand: their wealth DID come from a “public at large”)

Tulsa/OK: Philbrook Art Museum  Home & Gardens

Tulsa/OK: Philbrook Museum of Art – House & Gardens

Tulsa/OK: Philpott Art Museum - House and Garden

Tulsa/OK: Philbrook Museum of Art – House and Garden

As mansions go, it falls somewhere between the comfortable intimacy of New York’s Frick, and an overblown ostentatious Hearst Castle in California.

Lovely gardens fall downhill from a main building where human-scale rooms allow its art to seem “personal” rather than “arranged” as is usually found in “dedicated” museums.

Again, a collection much influenced by depicting “The West”… both “native” and “adventurer”.


Tulsa/OK: Philpott Art Museum - Gadens

Tulsa/OK: Philbrook Museum of Art – Gardens


Then drive north along farmland evoking Nellie Forbush’s image “as corny as Kansas in August”, before pausing in “one street” Bronson for a short nap. Am impressed tho, at a grain storage building whose volume probably exceeds that of all Bronson’s commercial buildings.

Bronson/OK: Grain Elevator

Bronson/OK: Grain Elevator


By sunset, am settled into Kansas City… ready to discover whether “everything’s up-to-date”.


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