8/10/2014 – Herd It On the Grapevine


Maybe it’s a good thing “Quality Inn” of Grapevine/TX makes no reference to “quality” of their “Quality”, as Saturday night and Sunday morning their remodeling efforts in a room next to mine, “stayed late” and “started early”. A word with their Manager brings a promise of future Quality Inn “family” benefits which seem to come later. (As of early September, assume by an absence of these “benefits”, they will do nothing to entice me back to “in” one of their Inns again. Ah, yes, American Capitalism in its finest “our”)



Dallas/TX: Cathedral of Virgin of Guadalupe


On a more positive note, my search for Kimbell Art Museum lands me near a very laid-back Hispanic “saint’s day” festival at their beautiful Cathedral of Virgin of Guadalupe (considering this heat, can hardly blame everyone for hunkering down under big parasols and relinquishing any desire to “sell” in favor of awaiting a willingness to “buy”). AM a sucker for churros: exactly such sugar-sprinkled, fried dough my cardiologist warns me against: but, when in roam…

Speak with a middle-aged man, saddened that what was once a thriving, multi-cultural congregation is diminishing. “We can’t keep our young families. They move out to suburbs as soon as they have school-age children” he comments..








Dallas/TX: Museum Towers Condominium

Dallas/TX: Museum Towers Condominium



Standing, monolithically, between a series of low-rise cultural buildings (an opera house and several museums), live-in Museum Towers condos, notwithstanding its architectural beauty, seems completely out of place. (For some reason, an image of a tall schoolteacher surrounded by first-graders comes to mind).

A young man disengages himself from a “heavy” cellphone conversation (can tell it’s weighing upon him, as he’s leaning against a wall, utterly unaware of me until my question about what this building is, reminds him of his need to chase out riff-raff), does his duty, and, suspect returns to his technology lifeline. Ugh: sad job.












As usual, some Kimbell Art Museum features are sacrificed to my tired feat of “leaving something for another day”. (Reality is, am able to do about four hours in a museum before my mind numbs… even more than usual, that is!).

Some “sweet, young things” invite me to use a cellphone camera to record their visit, and they probably leave wondering why THEIR Social Security contributions are going to dim-witted seniors. (Their day will come!)


Dallas/TX: Kimbell Art Museum

Decide to try my luck with Historic Lewisville, but, their Historic District is too tarted up to have much character (tho, their modern City Hall looks good). Head for Lewisville Lake Recreation Area, and am stunned to find multiple soccer fields, an expansive tennis complex, and a wonderful lake close by their campground. In either good faith, or perverse anti-California pique, a woman taking my money offers a site “atop a quiet hill with a good view”. She turns out to be partially correct: it offers a great view of sunset over Lewis Lake. Alas, it also includes a couple creepy, tattooed smokers en route to Dallas from Illinois in search of work: but their feral gaze and tale of “poverty” (do the truly poverty-stricken continue to smoke?) unnerve me a bit, so slip back to a more mundane campsite between two huge RVs.



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