8/6/2014 – The Art of Traveling


When all else fails, time to check out local art museums.

Regional museums are an interesting mix. Often, their collections begin when someone who builds a private art treasure donates it; a museum is built to house it; funds are created to maintain this museum; other contributions or purchases are made; and, slowly, a respectable “art space” is created.

Thus, drive down to Austin’s U of TX to check out Blanton Art Museum.

They have a wonderful, if modest, collection of European/American/Western Art in a gorgeous building. (They also have a cute, temporary, “Cats and Dogs” exhibit, but it seems all works of art are set too high on the walls for pets to fully appreciate.)


Luis Jimenez has become a personal favorite, as he uses themes from his personal role as a “second-class” Hispanic American living in the Southwest… more with resignation, than bitterness.


Austin/TX – U of Tx – Blanton Art Museum – “Progress II” (Luis Jimenez)


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