8/4/2014 – Austin, or Bust!



Ft Stockton/TX – Ft Stockton SHS – “no kiddin'” guardhouse


Ft Stockton/TX – Ft Stockton SHS – Officers live better


Head out early to Old Fort Stockton. Woman at Visitor Center offers a somewhat biased vision of “Buffalo Soldiers” being sent to TX as a penalty for Texas’ Confederate status during the Civil War. Wander grounds: a restored guardhouse; barracks being rehabbed for ADA compliance, a barking dachshund protecting a row of Officer Quarters.





Am reminded of those glorious days, when, at taxpayer expense, was allowed to protect my country from “Godless Communism” (Commies, at the time, were Russkies who allowed women to put their children in “child care centers” and go off to work at paying jobs). Ft Sill/OK had some of the same, “baking-out-in-the-sun” qualities.


Drive I-10 once more, pausing in tiny, silent Ozona: no pedestrians, few cars.

A large monument to Davy Crockett (? Well, he WAS at the Alamo), a gorgeous courthouse, an empty, out-of-business bank (Bonnie & Clyde?); an old, abandoned Hotel Ozona (well, sparrows seem to like the rates & accommodate themselves abundantly); another otel, now turned into a welcoming mortuary; and a plaque suggesting Ozona’s first water well was discovered where now stands First Baptist Church.


Ozona/TX – Davy Crockett Memorial



Ozona/TX: old hotel converted to mortuary























Continue through Fredericksburg into Austin, and, amid heavy traffic, manage to find home of cousin Vince and wife, June.


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