Am surprised and pleased to emerge from hostel into cool, gray clouds from which what, if memory serves, we once called “rain” drips steadily.

Drive out to Mission Xavier del Bac, and luck into an extended tour lead by Jolene. We get secular history within a miniature museum, and then a rich exposition of the church itself. That she solicits donations to continue improving church and environs seems a small price to pay for such enriching insights.


San Xavier del Bac Mission


San Xavier del Bac Mission – main altar













As weather begins to clear, head back onto I-10, and enjoy play of clouds, sky, shadows, & silhouetted mountain ranges enroute to Deming for some relaxation.


3 Responses to 8/1/2014

  1. allysonyj says:

    OK, I’m caught up on your blog this AM and will be following from now on. All well in Los Altos

  2. Lovely blog, thank you for sending the link, CEG — besides excellent writing, love the images, and the layout is clean and elegant

    • ceg1934 says:


      “Mark” is familiar in the abstract, but my short-term memory vacillates, s am unsure of a direct connection to you. (DO have a friend Marc Davis in Alb)

      Now, YOUR postings are REALLY great. (Unfortunately, doubt if my schedule will allow time to delve into them for quite a while).

      Thanks for the encouraging words.


      On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 1:49 PM, Travellin' Blues wrote:


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