7/30/2014 – Site Seeing

Surprise; surprise… van ran out of gas last night upon arrival. Am to “deliver” a homeopathic “library” locally, and their Cindy graciously offers “pick-up” and arrives just a AAA “Samaritan” arrives with gas.

Within moments am obligation-free and so head for Heard Museum. The intimate, almost hokey, museum of 1966 has been expanded and renovated into a wonderful experience. Its focus remains primarily “pre-European local culture”, but now includes contemporary art, and worldwide articles collected by the Heard family.

Phoenix - Heard Museum - Entrance

Phoenix – Heard Museum – Entrance

Phoenix - Heard Museum - Indian Clowns" sculpture

Phoenix – Heard Museum – Indian Clowns” sculpture














Later, take advantage of Phoenix Art Museum’s “free admission”. A docent offers a private tour, but we collect more along the way. Their building itself, is a bit strange: externally, a huge, unappealing, windowless rectangular block; while inside is a strange mixture of intimidating, dark, unfinished hallways opening onto majestic, high-ceilinged galleries provide wondrous space for works of any size.


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