7/28/2014 – Spring Forward?

Head out to Air Museum and am amazed (and, at times, deeply touched) remembering war planes which held me enthralled as WW II “history” was being made. Museum offers a rich vision: not only airplanes, but much about support, and, most of all, homage to those men and women who put their lives on the line… and many whose lives were lost (perhaps part of my tristesse is imagining loved ones getting a message that a child, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a friend would no longer be part of Life’s imagined tapestry).

Palm Springs - Air Museum - "Battle of Britain" Spitfire

Palm Springs – Air Museum – “Battle of Britain” Spitfire

Drive out CA-111, past Desert Hot Springs baking in midday sun, then turn off onto CA-62. Pass long, wide Morongo Valley: an almost non-existent downtown supports hard-to-notice homes scattered off-highway. By comparison, nearby Yucca Valley, with its four main street traffic lights seems a metropolis

Joshua Trees - "Dust-Off Deli"

Joshua Trees – “Dust-Off Deli”

Pause at Joshua Tree National Monument’s West entrance Visitor Center to be reminded anew how dangerous our huge Sonoran Desert can be, then pop over to a small store which, wisely, offers showers to those emerging from dusty campsites

A pleasant surprise, as elevation allows cooling breezes: a relief from windless, scorching valley floor. Find a nice secluded campsite amid Jumbo Rocks and watch a passing parade: ants, rodents, small birds… fortunately, no snakes.




Clouds Rock!!


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