7/26/2014 – Approaching Southern California

Drive into San Luis Obispo to take some photos: Art & History Museums, Mission, and now-remodeled Mancilla-Freitas Abobe & famous Ah Louis grocery store building at Chinatown’s edge,

San Luis Obispo - Mission San Luis - "Bear" Fountain

San Luis Obispo – Mission San Luis – “Bear” Fountain

San Luis Obispo - Chinatown - Ah Louis General Store building

San Luis Obispo – Chinatown – Ah Louis General Store building
























Find no easy way to capture “Creekside” (tho, someday, must return & use Creekside Brewery as inspiration).

San Luis Obispo - "Creekside" - Novo

San Luis Obispo – “Creekside” – Novo

Fog returns while passing Pismo Beach again a reminder of how little space separates our microclimates. Occasional splotches of green vegetation accent dry, beige hillside which parallel this highway.

Pause briefly in Buellton (always a favorite, as their “Andersen’s” use a spelling which matches my cousin’s married name) to fill my larder, then follow a line of unusually green mountains seaward, south past Gaviota’s beaches, and past Santa Barbara’s beach traffic jams.

Continue on to Ventura, where downtown “rocks”: bright and raucous with an uneasy mixture of stylish seniors out for dinner, and “hand-me-down” young people in full mating regalia and mood.

Am unsure whether minor drizzle should be welcome, or portent.


One Response to 7/26/2014 – Approaching Southern California

  1. Antoinette Sobalvarro says:

    Enjoying your diary and observations of road trip and world around you as you go south (young man). so happy for you to take this time to relax and enjoy yourself!! also increases my yearning to do another trip soon – perhaps to Big Sur area again (went last year). We love SLO – nice to see some pics of it again, and to know there is a brewery! that is part of our planning of trips, where’s a brewery? look forward to next report. best wishes road warrior. A. & A.

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