7/23/2014 – Getting Away

Too nice a day to drive US-101, so head west for CA-1.

First joyful surprise, see our ocean as a wide Rothko painting: long, horizontal line of battleship gray near shore, topped by teal, and capped with eggshell blue sky. Not a whiff of fog anywhere.

Fresh from yesterday’s Impressionist show, along Great Highway just south of Taraval, notice a line of square and rectangular pastel buildings, reminders of a couple Redon paintings.


Must admit a tad of envy for those who live in Pacifica: colorful Tom’s Auto Repair, an old bowling alley (people still BOWL?), and its long, lovely beach. South of town, scent of eucalyptus trees that line a road which, now that “edge of the earth” Devil’s Slide has been replaced, is a wide, well-lighted through-the-mountain tunnel.


Pass Half Moon Bay State Park, its beach arc would not look out-of-place in Oahu. My right eye’s peripheral vision keeps ever-changing ocean in view, before wasting a while @ Pescadero’s beach, and “organizing” everything in my van (Reality being, this is but the first of many such activities).


At Big Basin State Park beach, pause again in wonder at para-surfers: their richly-hued, billowing “balloons” twisting and turning, lacy spume zippers behind their surfboards. Envy; envy: such youth and strength; such excitement and challenge.


Finally, into gorgeous Santa Cruz… so seemingly, some set designed by Hollywood craftsman to capture soul and heart.

Happen to notice late afternoon sun’s blessing upon Holy Cross Mission and Church. In a plaza which, probably, in a simpler time, acted as “town hall” a young man lounges, reading, in tree’s wide shadow, and at plaza’s center, a young child plays kickball with his twentyish mother.

Santa Cruz Mission

Santa Cruz Mission


Then, off to University: time to score a ticket for Will S’s “All’s Well That Ends Well” (hope it an omen to carry throughout my trip). Alas, this new Shakespeare company has been deprived of those huge posters which once graced an indoor theater: posters of plays past… reminders of joy-filled afternoons and evenings enriched by Bard’s insight and humor.

A middle-aged alumnae tour-guides her sixtyish “Mom” around this complex, as a grey-haired woman leads two young Hispanics workers unloading tonight’s gustatory temptations.

Between ticket-buying and performance sit at a table reading, when a presence of bodies moving in my direction interrupts and a Santa Cruz friend Susan Cook’s voice inquires “Carl, I thought you were in Indiana or somewhere on your trip”. Indicate SC is chosen as “first port of call” and she and her companion head toward theater’s redwood-lined “glen”.

Manage a spot as “groundling”, close enough to notice actors’ sweat (but DO hear and understand every word) as they use stage and woodland for their “comings and goings”.

If acting (some are not Equity actors) is a bit inconsistent, this lover’s tale set in Arden Forest is perfectly placed here in natural, if spotlighted, shallow glade.


Can only hope my journey will be able to be summed up as “All’s Well That Ends Well”, also.


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