T/Blues: 08/24-25/2012

Pretty much drive straight through to Northbrook/IL, to settle in with cousin Marge and her husband Bruce. (Being with each of my cousins is a wonderful exercise in nostalgia, laughter, puns and joyousness. We CAN be serious, but rarely TOO serious).

Feel a certain anxiety about our 60th high school class reunion. Many of these people have known each other for a lifetime, and, having come “late to the party” (that is, in Junior year) am unsure about being an “interloper”.

As it turns out, Friday night’s party offers sheer delight… it is much less whom we WERE, than whom we have become… and, we’ve become a remarkably diverse group of people united by wonderful (albeit what some imagine to be “old-fashioned”) cultural values.

Many of us are retired, have multi-generational families, travel and have passionate interests. Thus, conversation comes quickly and easily, flitting from nostalgic remembrances of our shared youth, to individuals sharing what contemporary issues touch us most deeply.

Next day, our “picnic” is well attended, we manage “discretionary” drinking (not always one of our goals when younger), challenge our cardiologists by overeating, reflect sadly on those whose absence we regret, and express hopes for our future.


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