T/Blues: 07/11/2012

Cheat a bit today… agree to meet “pen pal” Marci at Art Museum (“Show me the Monet”), but decide to continue exploring “The Pearl” along the way.

Am astounded at how dramatically these (mostly) old, red brick buildings have been rehabilitated. (That they are not “decorated” by graffiti is another surprise.)

Discover Tanner Springs Park, which, at first, has a “run-down” look about it. Turns out, it’s been granted “Native” status, and plantings are being allowed to “do their thing”. Partially surrounded by tall residential buildings, kids, book-readers, joggers, etc. seem to mingle easily.

Not far away, Jamison Square has “splash fountains” (which young kids seem to LOVE). Wonder briefly whether, in my second childhood, am not eligible to relieve sweat accumulated on this warm, muggy day.

Figure it’s time to do another scientific study of Voodoo Donuts, and, as their line is more manageable, begin reading their “Wall of Shame”… customers who’ve “autographed” this wall as they wait. A docent-led walking tour comes by, and their leader suggests the “pink” of the Voodoo sign goes back to a “Pepto-Bismol” pastry they once made. She continues on about a “Nyquil” version, but my skepticism is in high gear.

Decide on a burrito luncheon, a a young Hispanic couple selling out of a trailer, for five bucks, provide one roughly the size of Connecticut which must have decimated King Ranch’s herd. Head for waterfront, and share waterside bench with two young women (1: “get Congess to be effective”; 2: “stop companies from outsourcing”), until our attention is diverted by “Hydro-Man” (guy has a James Bond rig on his back which allows him to “hover” 40 feet above river.

Marci is right on time, so we wander Portland’s “refreshed” art museum. (Hate to be picky, but seems to be awfully spread out). Practice my gaucherie with a comment about PAM being a “regional” museum, and am quickly set back on the straight and narrow. (They have made a great decision to choose “quality” works).

Afterward, we pause to refresh at a nearby coffee house and learn Marci knows EVERYONE in Portland.

Walk back along waterfront, and catch a glimpse of some children splashing in  sunsetting shadow at a


Mex/Thai/Greek vendors; CT-sized burrito which decimate King Ranch, from young couple here 4 months); Waterfront (girl1: “get effective”; girl2 “stop outsourcings”; “Hydro Man” – James Bond contraption using water to hover – maybe walking on water deserves photo); OR Maritime Museum (“Portlandia”); Postal Bldg (“OR” mural); “Salmon” Bldg; Farmer’s Market; Portland Art Museum (Marci; Monet; Richter; “Roses & Statue); Coffee House (Marci’s friends); Waterfront; kids in fountain under Burnside Bridge


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