T/Blues: 08/21/2012


Ludington Park: Marine Museum’s Sand Point Lighthouse

In Escanaba/MI, downtown contains a number of low-rise businesses. Pick-up truck accumulations suggest which are exemplary eating places. Ludington Park, at the edge of downtown, extends charm along Little Bay de Noc; and, in early morning, is quiet except for a few joggers, bicylists and dog-walkers. Sadly, it’s a bit too early for the Marine Museum and Sand Point Lighthouse to open. More’s the pity.


Schoolcraft Museum’s Water Tower

Continue thru a series of small towns, through brightening Hiawatha and Lake Superior National Forests, until, passing through Manistique, notice an unusual tower. Intrigued, meander over to Schoolcraft Museum and its associated water tower. Walking through tiny downtown, realize, except for signage, little has changed, probably, since World War II. Pausing temporarily at their Chamber of Commerce,, set in a Lake Michigan shoreline “parklet”, notice youngsters swimming without a need for wetsuits. However tempting, remind myself, that at their age, cold water didn’t seem quite so cold.

Gradually make my way to St Ignace… a jumping off place for a visit to Mackinac Island.

At Thunderbird Motel, a youngish woman with two pre-school kids noisy in the background, apologizes that their TV reception is “out” and recommends a “History Walk”.

At Ojibway Cultural Canter, a middle-aged woman descibes her cultural history and weaves a tale of how this area supported early tribes through their summer encampment. Then, an older couple, dressed in centuries-old style lead a group of about 20, recreating a series of historical scenarios spanning pre-European times through near-modern changes.

History Walk leaders


One Response to T/Blues: 08/21/2012

  1. Patti says:

    What an interesting combination of Indian and French names. Takes me back to “Last of the Mohicans.”

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