T/Blues: 08/05/2012

“Up in the morning; Out on the job; Work like the devil for my pay…”

Shafer Museum: “you name it, we’ve got it!”

Ah, but that “Lucky Old Sun” isn’t slacking… it’s peeking over the horizon during my traipse past Shafer Museums eclectic collection of farming and logging implements. (Memory resonates to a Dresher/PA farm where, in a T-shaped barn, over-sized stalls acted as “garage” for plows, a discer, a hay rake, etc., and in a hay bale packed upper alcove, we kids build our “hideaway).


Covered Pedestrian Bridge

Walk from a funky L-shaped Rooming house, past a covered pedestrian bridge over a narrow creek, all the way to a charming bridge spanning Chewack River.

This morning, there are lots of parking spaces, and only a few coffee addicts, joggers and dog-walkers wander the wooden sidewalks.

(For additional photos, check out 2012/08/05 – Winthrop/WA)

Chat at length with Anna about their plans to resuscitate Pine Near RV Park. (It had been idle for three years.) They’ve already done a great job with tile on the bathrooms and showers, and the center of the “community room” is a pile of light, oak-gray slats they are using to cover interior walls. They hope to keep their kids close to grandparents down the road in Twisp, and in a community where people are “connected”.

A bit later, a small Farmers Market grows in Mack Lloyd Park, and, it seems everyone KNOWS everyone else.


The “Cracker Barrel Gang” at a makeshift post office

Continue along WA-20, and gradually “clear” the high desert forest for a flat plateau. Okanogan provides a series of old photos blown up to become a “History Walk”, plus a Historical Museum with a fey sense of humor (bordellos are rarely a feature). Omak is cheek-by-jowl, and lady at Visitor Center entreats me to wait around for a weekend rodeo. Demur, but do head out WA-155 to St Mary’s Mission… now an integral part of a local Indian reservation.

A long drive along WA-155 takes me to impressive Grand Coulee Dam, before turning east on US-2 and finally entering Idaho.

Grand Coulee Dam: downriver


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