T/Blues: 08/02/2012

Ferndale offers delightful respite.


Pioneer Park entrance

Pioneer Park offers a series of old buildings collected from around this area: homes, barn, church, schoolhouse, store, post office, jail, etc. in a couple of acres. Most have been brought in from “remote” areas within about a 60-mile radius to be set up here as though they were a unitary village. There seems to be an “occasional” guide, and only a few of the buildings are open independently. (For more photos, see “page” 2012/08/02 – Ferndale/WA: Pioneer Park)


An old schoolhouse… no gym, no athletic field…

Later, crossing an adjoining sports field, a young voice hails me with “What’s your name?”. Upon my reply, this “Huck Finn” admits “My name is William. I’m seven” before returning his attention to his soccer-playing peers. (Easy to imagine him as an intimidated student thrust into a room full of strangers, and charged with learning his “Three Rs”.) Note too, that books are kept at a level only a teacher would be able to reach.


Hovander Home

Head out to Hovander Homestead and have a wonderful conversation with docents who’ve settled here after an Air Force career. “Hovanders” being Finnish immigrants who settled here after pauses along our East Coast and in our Midwest, own a sprawling farm along Noonsack River. This huge home, nicely decorated with period pieces, has a gigantic attic filled with household accoutrements which catalog each generation’s buying habits. (For more photos, check out “page” 2012/08/02 – Hovander Farm)

Fragrance Garden – overview

Later, at Tennant Lake Fragrance Garden, Aussi Carla, “from Brisbane’s Sunshine Coast”. Joins me atop a tower overlooking a natural slough and a carefully constructed garden of fragrant plants. Like me, she travels alone and likes it (“I can change my plans in an instant without having to worry about any impact on others”. It doesn’t get anymore succinct.)

Fragrance Garden – up close

Turns out, all eating spots close at 9pm, but, closer to I-5, a McDs saves me from starvation.


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