T/Blues: 08/01/2012


Larabee State Park – Bandshell

Take a wander around Larrabee State Park. There’s a nice old bandshell facing a sloping green and thoughts of Ashland/OR “Chatauqua” days comes to mind. Was this where summer nights were spent before a Village Green film screen went up, and TV invaded? A beach trail leads to a lovely, quiet cove beach. Fortunately, a trail sign suggesting seal pups should be left alone avoids concerns when grey-brown “rocks” begin to frolic.

WA-11 runs over to Bellingham. Along its southern rim, a long, narrow, cliff-edge park overlooks a bay gorgeous in early morning sunlight.

After “small” towns, Bellingham seems a bit “too big”.

Am attracted to National Bank Building architecture, and, while focusing, a well-dressed young woman pauses, shares her knowledge about its architect, suggests a couple other buildings to look at and toddles off. It all happens so fast, realize not a thread of her exposition stuck in my mind.


Parking Lot – a little trompe l’oeil to improve its image?

A parking lot next to their charming Railroad Museum features a 40’ trompe l’oeil of what might be an apartment building: spaced windows, with heads peering out.


Mt Baker Theater – they DID build with exuberance

“Head and shoulders” of Mt Baker Theater beckon. There’s an almost “church-like” quality to its “spire”, and can’t help but wonder why. (Somehow, can’t imagine sailors returning from a long sea journey standing at a ship’s guardrail as it docks, and asking themselves “What’s playing at the Mt Baker tonight?”.) Not all that far away, reward my intrepid walking with a Mallard’s ice cream cup. (Alas, am dubious about recommending Bellingham for its ice cream)

Wander through an Art Center at what was once a much fancier City Hall than the current, sterile Civic Center boxes.


Maritime Park – “Confluence” Fountain

Then head off downhill to a curious Maritime Heritage Park. With a “Confluence” fountain commemorating fresh and salt water. This park lines both sides of narrow Whatcom Creek. Signs show where an old mill once had prominence. A bit further up, now empty “pens” identify a fish hatchery, and, climbing a bit, discover a lone, young man fishing in the creek’s rapids/waterfalls.

Sun being well over the yardarm, settle into Chuckanut Brewery to reflect on Life and Love. What happens, is a conversation with an older couple and their middle-aged daughter on politics. Her opinions align with contemporary “liberal” thought; theirs a bit more “conservative”. All quite civil, but an interesting focus on how children moving toward retirement wonder whether they will have benefits as “good” as those their parents enjoy.

(For more Bellingham photos, check out “pages” 2012/08/01 – Bellingham/WA)


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