T/Blues: 07/31/2012

Go up I-5 amd over WA-11 into Fairhaven. Being right on the water, and benefitting from a warm sunny day, this gives me a perfect trifecta: La Conner, Anacortes, and now Fairhaven.


Sycamore Building – atrium

Slip inside Sycamore Building’s atrium, and wonder why more buildings don’t allow interior space used with such inefficient beauty. Continue through Downtown’s mixture of old and new, and a much impressed that their Village Green has a full-size movie screen on the side of a commercial building. No one seems to know WHEN films are shown, but, certainly a lovely setting.

Walk down past mud flats which support a nature preserve, past an interesting “Transportation Center” (local buses; Greyhound, Amtrak, taxis and island cruises all within walking distance of one another.


Marine Park – a view to live for

Rest for a while in Marine Park… just gazing at the water; listening to the yelp of kids playing on the beach; watching an old white-haired couple walk along this waterfront path, hand-in-hand.


Hard at Work – a traffic stopper

Walking back, notice a store window with a clever use of traffic cones & pause to compliment the owner. She admits there’s another woman who “does” her windows, but suggests “when offered a display of traffic cones in varied positions just ‘floating’ in space, I was hesitant… but a number of people have been kind enough to stop in and tell us they like it”.


Head on up “Nob Hill”. Sacred Heart Catholic Church and some rather fancy homes share an eagle-eye view of the water.

(For more photos, check out “page” 2012/07/31 – Fairhaven/WA)

Out at Larrabee State Park, watch young boys taunt girls unable (unwilling?) to climb face of a large rock outcropping: cultural role-playing? Innate gender differences? Both? Neither?


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