T/Blues: 07/28/2012

Boeing: “DreamLifters” – world’s biggest planes

Head up to Everett, to check out Boeing’s “Future of Flight” and factory tour. Great decision vis-à-vis factory tour. Two of four DreamLifters (the ones which can carry a couple large continents in their interior space) are out on the tarmac. At a distance, they look BIG; up close, they look GIGANTIC.

We get to see two different styles of assembly lines: the 747 line is traditional, where parts are put on as a plane rolls down the line; a 787 line brings all the parts to a parked plane and they assemble it in place. This factory is the largest building by volume in the world… which means a Dreamlifter can hold only ONE? (One surprise… wandering through parking lot, checking out license plates [we MUST be ever-vigilant] note one from IL, and a license plate holder indicates a Libertyville dealer. Am unsure WHAT significance there is to me heading for Libertyville, and someone heading out here from there… but, am sure, given sufficient time…)

Head up to Mukilteo’s Diamond Knot Brewery for lunch. (There’s a line of cars MILES long waiting to get on the Whitby Island Ferry. Ask one of the traffic directors how long the wait will be: he grimaces “too long!”.) It’s a very funky old place which looks like it could fall in any moment, but beer is good, salad is great, back-of-the-bar gossip fascinating, and conversation with a young Adonis whose crutches rest between our bar seats surprising.


Mukilteo Lighthouse

His vision is to “close down the federal government except for military defense”. From a retired Marine, maybe this idea might have been expected… but not from someone THIS young.

Wander over to their lighthouse where wiring preparations for an evening concert are under way.


American Legion Park: “Milk Can” sculpture commemorating Centennial

Roll into Arlington late in the day, and it’s virtually deserted. It’s an interesting small town, with some charm, but has a feeling of a film set after filming is complete.

A huge America Legion Park sprawls across a couple blocks, anchored by a small railroad depot (now restrooms) and a gazebo, along abandoned railroad tracks.


One Response to T/Blues: 07/28/2012

  1. Antoinette Sobalvarro says:

    I see a theme here…travel, meet new places and folks, and BEER! good for you. we love finding local breweries and tasting their seasonal brews. one of my little travelin’ memory collecting is gathering brewery coasters. ; ) Your photos are sharp and lovely, really feel I am there with you. hugs, Antoinette

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