T/Blues: 07/19/2012

Just outside Shelton/WA, in Potlatch State Park discover myself a couple weeks too early for their annual “clambake”. Apparently, this entire state park becomes a seafood festival site. Fortunately, it’s got only a few campsites full, and morning is spent in “administrative duties” at the Day Use area across the highway with its rich view of a lovely bay.


Historical Museum “Number 13 Coming Across the Wynoochee” mural

Shelton’s Historical Museum contains all the required artifacts (and, one supposes, all “artiFANCIES”) necessary to preserve continuity. Around town are other murals which also delight.


Clock Tower

A stroll manages to find some photo ops; do love their clock tower and RR engine.

Old Railroad locomotive

Manage, with all of this, to lose my van. Am lucky, it’s a small town, so threading through streets, cursing my stupidity for not taking bearings, is quickly rewarded.


One Response to T/Blues: 07/19/2012

  1. Peg Smith says:

    I can totally relate to losing your van. I also get so involved in siteseeing that I can lose my way very easily. I had a difficult time finding my way back to Snuff when we visited Savannah with so many interesting sites and all the squares.

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