T/Blues: 07/18/2012


Forest Road #25: a creek

More meandering… out past area leading toward Mt St Helens, and onward and upward toward Mt Rainier. Near Cougar/WA, find an old Forest Road (#25) in Gifford Pinchot National Forest (anybody remember whom Mr. Pinchot was? eh, any of you Sierra Club members?) with a horrible roadbed, but it rambles on past creeks, streams, river, falls, uphill and down, curved and straight, by ugly, brutish clear-cuts, and


Iron Creek Falls: go with the flow…

gorgeous stands of timber which occasionally canopy the road. (It’s one of those roads where trying to describe it is impossible: what’s needed is a video camera mounted on the van roof which simply transmits images into “The Cloud”)


Alte Kirche: a “Lutheran” church since 1906

At Elbe, the middle-aged woman who acts as sexton/docent discusses cameras, scanners, etc. with a professional’s acumen. There’s a minor irony as affluent SUVs fill a parking lot to dine in a Mt Rainier RR caboose, and muffler-impaired pick-up trucks pause for a six-pack at an IOOF building turned general store.

NOTE there are no add’l photos for this date.


One Response to T/Blues: 07/18/2012

  1. Peg Smith says:

    You are really finding some beautiful waterfalls and interesting churches. I also loved the covered bridge in earlier post.

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