T/Blues: 07/17/2012

Wander some back roads, and small towns. In some cases, an objective in mind, but, usually, just “bein’ nosey”.


Lucas Falls Park: positive ions

Near Lewisville, chase out to find Lucia Falls Park, and, except for a young man and his Lab, across the river, have the place to myself.


Historical Museum: from holy to secular?

In Amboy, a little white church converted to Historical Museum catches my attention. It’s pretty typical, but a barn full of farming equipment is a challenge to memories of Dresher/PA days as “barefoot boy with cheeks of tan”.

A bit “phreaqued out” about where my debit cards are, pause at their tiny Territorial Park to “strip the van bare”. A caretaker couple, originally from Tucumcari/NM stop by to remind me camping is not allowed, and we chat about “this and that” till late afternoon sun deepens toward dusk.


Cresap Bay Park: beach

Find a power company campground between Amboy and Prairie, and am a bit surprised when lady taking my money suggests “oh, you’re a Gallagher”. There seems to be a lot of confusion about finding an appropriate campsite. Once settled in, wander around and notice a series of campsites have been allocated to a Gallagher clan and they’ve put me close by imagining me to be one of this group. This clan is from Longview/WA, but seem “sure” they have relatives in California.

NOTE: there are no additional photos.


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