T/Blues: 07/16/2012

Cross over into Vancouver/WA.


Covington (School)house: (not even a gym?)

Covington House, as it turns out is Washington’s oldest schoolhouse, and dates back to 1848. (No question, in those days, about “charter” schools!). It’s a bit hard not to note the irony, that this building, which sits on a small ridge, backs onto a major high school athletic field.

Discover Pearson Air Museum and Ft Vancouver National Historic Preserve are cheek-by-jowl. Alas, air museum is closed, but do spend a grand morning wandering about this fort.


Old Ft Vancouver: stockade wall and block/gusrd-house

In the “old fort” a couple “old sawdusters” (well, what DO you call retired carpenters?) provide a fascinating seminar on various tree/wood types and the incidental historical knowledge that the “Douglas” after whom “Douglas fir” was named, died a tragic, accidental death surveying species in South America).

A recent US Army decision grants part of an old base as an addition to the fort. Run across a “shopette”. Retired military herself, the woman at the counter advises that “PX” (as a name for where military make “purchases”, is becoming passe [first, it was the brown shoes, now the “PX”… will “latrines” be next?]).

Brunch al fresco where US Grant once hung his hat… a warm, sunny day, a gentle breeze, and, from “his” verandah, a grand view across to a Parade Ground. Next door, an illuminating story of General George Marshall’s life. (tho remembering post-WW II’s “Marshall Plan”, was unaware of his many prior accomplishments).

NOTE: for add’l Ft Vancouver photos, see “page” 2012/07/16 – Vancouver/WA


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