T/Blues: 07/15/2012

Decide to rummage around Portland’s “suburbs.


Columbia River Gorge: view from OR side

Drive out along Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Highway (which has a surprising number of cars and heavy trucks) and Corbett provides a wonderful, early, albeit, overcast,  morning view. (And, gee, nobody build a bridge and painted it orange!)


Enjoyment for adults…

Once, Lake Oswego was probably a spot for relatively affluent Portlanders to “get back to Nature” for a weekend. Now that both cities expanded, it is now a bit “schizoid”: a downtown becoming a “precious”, “go to” spot to sit and sip, and some more natural/historical aspects.

… and for the kids

Downtown resonates like that old Patrick McGoohan TV show, “The Prisoner”…all gussied up: charming, but just a tad sterile (somehow am reminded of ski towns undergoing change from ski resort to socializing locale). How, tho, can you not love a town which keeps an over-sized frog handy for kids to play on?

What IS a delight is Tryon Creek Park (whose main trail paves it’s way along a tree-line lane all the way into town). It’s a bit embarrassing to stroll casually as all around you joggers and power-walkers go zooming past… but who said Life should be easy?


Lake Oswego… a view along a cool, secluded trail

Another pleasure, across town, is George Rogers Park. Once site of a major, relatively rare, smelter (a few ruins remain), it is now a perfect spot for a quiet, shaded walk or bookish lakefront relaxation. Its lawn is littered with readers, Frisbee-throwers, sunbathers, nappers, and picnic practitioners. Beyond ankle-deep only little kids seem willing to brave its waters. A bit further out, a buzz of speedboats suggests some water-skiing. (What surprises, is an absence of sailboats).


A real, functioning, covered bridge…

Head out to Gresham for my “covered bridge” fix, and, if the setting isn’t quite as remote and pastoral as some, it’s nice to realize that, with mildly heavy use, this bridge resonates with its frequent suburban community users. Am able to get just a few moments in nearby Leach Botanical Gardens… but enough to realize it deserves more.

NOTE: Lake Oswego’s “street art” is at “page” 2012/07/15 – Lake Oswego


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