T/Blues: 07/11/2012

Now, for something completely different:  negotiate with “pen pal” Marci to check out “Show me the Monet” exhibit at Portland Art Museum.

Along the way, wander The Pearl some more.

Am MOST impressed that these old, red-brick buildings have been rehabilitated so well. Am surprised also, at lack of graffiti.


The Pearl: Tanner Springs Park – “going Native”

Am a bit taken aback then by block-sized Tanner Springs Park which looks pretty tatty. Discover park has been awarded “Native” status, and is free to grow indigenous Portland grasses as it sees fit. Neat idea.

The Pearl: Jamison Square splash pool

Continue to wander among tall, dense residential and commercial buildings and run across Jamison Square. Youngsters are having a grand time in its “splash pool” (water oozes out, but level remains shallow). Wonder whether, being in my second childhood, could get away with some relief from this warm, humid weather.


Old Town – Chinatown: Voodoo Donuts – “Wall of Shame”

Seems appropriate to do some more scientific studies of this “voodoo” phenomenon. Stand in a shorter line, reading their “Wall of Shame” (people have actually listed their names). A docent-led walking tour comes by, and their leader suggests the pink in the “Voodoo” sign represents an early “Pepto-Bismo” flavor. She continues on about a “Nyquil” version, but my mind is now numb. (My pastry has a decidedly risque quality which helps answer my question about their popularity. )

Decide on a burrito for lunch and pause at a trailer in a downtown parking lot. The young Hispanic couple have been doing this for about four months, and, walking away, wonder if my interest in them is the reason that, for five bucks, my burrito is the size of Connecticut.

Head over to share a waterfront bench and question two young women (#1: “make Congress get its act together”; #2: stop companies from outsourcing  jobs”). We’re interrupted as “Hydro-Man” appears with a James Bond backpack which allows him to hover 40 feet above the river.

Meet Marci and, except for practicing my gaucherie by suggesting Portland’s is a “regional” museum, we have a swell time as we compare notes.

Afterward, a “pause that refreshes” at a nearby coffee house suggests Marci knows everyone in Portland.

Old Town – Chinatown: Waterfront Splash Pool

Wander back along the waterfront, and am delighted catching some little tykes playing in a sunset-shadowed splash pool beneath Burnside Bridge.

NOTE: for additional photos, please see “page” 2012/07/11 – Portland/OR


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