T/Blues: 06/30/2012

Check out lovely, flower-rich Albert Cohn Park before traipsing over to City Park  to photograph Locomotive 1785.

Drive up OR-99E to Aurora’s “designated” National Historic District, and, while their Historical Society offers promise, Mohler House is private and the rest of Aurora is aged and attractive; am left curious about how such designations are made.

Further along, Oregon City more than compensates.


End of the Trail Interpretive Center

A pass through Old Town, close to  Willamette River offers an End of the Trail Interpretive Center and Information Center. Two young women driving back to Texas, trying to decide their next move. A local volunteer pushes for Columbia Gorge, so offer that they could then head down US-97 and see Crater Lake before rejoining I-5 in northern CA (DON’T mention that point of re-entry is Weed… they look a bit too Texan). Tho university students, am surprised that “immigration reform” and “reducing the (national) debt” take priority over “jobs” in answer to my question.

They are of one mind, re “limited amnesty” (“they’re HERE… weed [no joke] out the bad ones and send them home if they screw up”), but have complementary views on “debt” (“we’ve got to stop spending more than we take in… that’s just common sense” and “we’re going to end up like those counties in Europe”).

Wonder what route they finally take: one for the soul, the other for the “sou”.


The Wheel… historical mural

Photo/Walk through Old Town: “old time” murals gracing a wall of  honky-tonk The Wheel; a memorial mural to a Dr Forbes mural on a furniture store wall; an Elevator/Tower joining Old Town with Uptown.


“Meetin’ Up” mural

Downtown seems almost deserted on a Saturday morning.  A proliferation of bars; a mixed-use Masonic Temple (incidentally, also the oldest on the West Coast); a lovely, half-hidden “Meetin’ Up” mural which evokes how it must have felt, after a long, lonely trail ride to be re-united with settled people and a sense of “civilization”.


Drive  Uptown into McLoughlin Historical District. A ridge-crest promenade offers a view of surprisingly subtle falls. Along High St and 6th St, a series of historically significant homes, and Stevens-Crawford House & Historical Museum. Across from postage-stamp-sized Jacobsen Garden, Atkinson Memorial Unitarian Church, and just down the street charming Carnegie Center/Library.

Continue on  past now-commercialized IOOF Bldg to check out a series of old, well-maintained homes redolent with references to early settlers before returning to their library to do some computer work.


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