T/Blues: 06/29/2012


Silver Falls SP: South Falls

Near Sublimity, in Silver Falls State Park, South Falls Historic District and South Falls enchant (trail even goes BEHIND falls). There’s also a lodge and nature center. Further along scenic OR-213, there are trails to roughly a dozen additional falls scattered throughout this park.


Astronaut Don Pettit Mural… a nice tribute

Venture into Silverton whose Astronaut Don Pettit mural impresses me. Their American Legion – Masonic Lodge features murals of Norman Rockwell’s “Four Freedoms”. Plus, how can you not like a town when they devote some 30’ of running fence to “Bobbie – the Wonder Dog” mural (dog traveled 3000 miles from Indiana to Oregon)


Frank-N-Stein’s Tavern… monster beer

Later, in Mt Angel, a definite Germanic flavor: Herren/Damen Public Toilet, Der Wiengarten, and Frank-N-SteinTavern. There’s also an ersatz ethnicity Bavarian hotel (tho have suspicions about their weinerschnitzel).

Upon on a hillside, St Mary’s Church dominates the skyline, while down Oak St, Mission of Holy Spirit offers an exquisite Cross of Apostolics. Just outside town, a very peaceful Benedictine Monastery, and further out, Mt Angel Abbey offers no distractions beyond bird calls.


Jesse Settlemier Home

Pass through Woodburn, and the scale of their Hispanic community (stores/homes/churches) surprises me. Pause to appreciate town founder Jesse Settlemier House… (“McMansions” have a LONG history?)


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