T/Blues: 06/28/2012

Salem proves a wonderful walking town.

Remain captivated by their train depot (speculate on leaving van in Salem and taking “commuter” train into Portland).


Willamette Heritage Center… old mill

Start with their fascinating Willamette Heritage Center at the Mill. It’s a collection of historical mission buildings, sited on a hand-built creek of narrow proportion to activate its mill.


Willamette Heritage Center… new commerce

Within, some mill facets remain, but a “new generation” of commerce also is apparent.

Continue onto 12th Street, with its cute Roxxy Theater, its long line of sturdy red-brick Willamette University “halls” stretching toward downtown.


State Capitol… front

Detour over to 9th to be impressed by gardens, fountains & decoration associated with state capitol building. Am amazed that surrounding Willson-Capitol Park remains nearly deserted.


Elsinore Theater… back alley mural (which can YOU name?)

At “downtown” core, am delighted that Elsinore Theater’s back-alley mural features screen stars of an earlier era. Along Commercial St, low-rise buildings charm & surprise: “Gallagher’s Fitness Center”?

Volunteers hang posters and put up large tents anticipating upcoming Salem’s upcoming “Waterfont Days”. At river’s edge, stern-paddlewheeler “Willamette Queen” rests before the onslaught.


Riverfront Park: Carousel… tile mural in Men’s Room

On a ridge, overlooking this river, a “Fly Fisherman” sculpture is a nice touch. Even my tired old “prostrate” (it’s laying down on the job) gland contributes… at their carousel, a tiled carousel horse graces men’s room wall.

(Have a sorta bizarre incident… can’t find a mailbox, so, step into police station [dare I report all Salem’s mailboxes STOLEN? I daren’t {a sense of humor is rarely a major prerequisite of police reumes}, but, oh, the temptation] to inquire whereabouts of post office. In line in front of me, a young woman states she’s there to pick up a package for “Dona K-A-E-M-F-K-E”. Mind boogling, as a SF friend is Janice Kaempke. Inquire, but Dona knows of no SF relatives.)


Willamette Mission MP… Civil War re-enactors setting up shop

Head out back roads toward Willamette Mission SP. Civil War re-enactors are setting up their “Quartermaster Shop” and a few personal tents are already visible.


Willamette Mission SP… Civil War re-enactors… bivouac

Walk trails to find that tho mission is gone, it is not forgotten. Alas, a chance to ride a “Toonerville Ferry” across the river is thwarted, as dredging is in progress.

Drive scenic OR-214, and, just outside Silverton, chase onto Gallon Bridge Rd: Gallon Covered Bridge and on into Sublimity to overnight @ Silver Falls SP


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