T/Blues: 06/27/2012

Take van over to local Firestone repair shop. A “break” job expands… and expands again. (Alas, there are no Pell Grants, or long-term loans available as Eugene’s economic status gets a big po$itive jolt in a single transaction.)

Offers a great chance to “hoof it” around town, so head off northwest (is there a pattern here?) and discover a bored young woman setting “places” at an alfresco dining area in semi-modernistic 5th St Mall.

“If it were me, I’d tell them to give more roles to women. Women would argue and posture less, and get more done. With men, they think with their balls all the time” she responds to my query.


Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson Home

A bit further out, hillside location (overlooking railroad tracks) and architecture of Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson House conjures up images of  Norman Bates’ home in “Psycho”.  Amtrak train arrives as does my realization “the other side of the tracks” is this marginal neighborhood of county jail, homeless “village” and impregnable local government offices (if government is laying off people, can homeless be housed in emptying buildings?)


The Bier Stein… mural persuasion?

Downtown Eugene fails to capture my enthusiasm, tho admit, wish Bier Stein was open just to discuss their side wall murals.

Lunch at Steelhead Brewery and my (innate? acquired?) curmudeonry is evoked anew as men sit eating wearing baseball caps (WHEN did men wearing caps indoors start? And WHY?), plus some well-dressed guys a couple tables over continually answering their cellphones (now, let me get this straight: do YOU own the cellphone? Or does the cellphone own YOU?)

Head over to Library to do Internet stuff, and am delighted that, as sunshine begins to pour in, an automatic screen descends over this huge window, allowing in SOME, but not overwhelming, light (lo, “John” of Grants Pass… o’ brave new world, that has such technology in it).

Pause briefly in Coburg to “straighten” car (find a “credit” to my “brake job”… mechanics left me a few tools), before going into Salem at dusk


Amtrak/Train Depot… dusk


Amtrak/Train Depot… vestibule

and being ABSOLUTELY charmed by their Amtrak station (not the biggest or most imposing… but possibly the loveliest in my memory: outside and in)


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