T/Blues: 06/26/2012


Caveman Bridge (US-199)… “show me the way to go home…”

Amble further around Grants Pass, and, where US-199 heads south, a sign at Caveman Bridge offers a reminder of home.

Spend some time listening to a couple in my age range discuss their “roots” with docent at Josephine County Historical Society. From Denver/CO, they hope to bring “family” to their 50th wedding anniversary, and to offer some family history. After they exit, “Jane” opines their kids and grandkids “will never follow up… it’s too distant… too remote”. She suggests “now, if they could do it on their cellphones…” (which reminds me of “John’s” anti-technology diatribe yesterday).

“Oh, I‘m too OLD for politics, anymore. There are still a couple LOCAL people I will vote for, but usually, vote for someone who has no chance” she answers. “Oh, JOBS, I guess… get a sense young people are afraid to take on ‘responsibility’ (tho they SURE take on DEBT) because they’re afraid of what the Future holds. My grandson’s college loans will probably end up roughly equivalent to what my late husband earned in a lifetime”.


Alma Schmidt Home/Museum… “outdoor plumbing”

Next door, at Alma Schmidt Home/Museum, memory chases back some 70 years, to a small, Dresher/PA farmhouse, at sight of an old hand pump on their back porch. (Guess we were lucky… ours stood on the edge of our kitchen’s double-sink so, on cold mornings, there was no danger of a hand freezing to a metal handle).


Grave Creek Covered Bridge

Continue up I-5, and at Sunny Valley, pull off and visit Grave Creek Covered Bridge. (It seems, among early European settlers, a young woman died and was buried. Her grave was moved when bridge built… thus its name.). Speak with a man from Bellingham/WA who has stopped after multiple “passing by” trips.  He recommends Canada-3 for my cross-continent caper, and admits to being a Canada Pacific RR buff. He’s caught a bit off-guard by “The Question” and  invites his wife over from her picture taking. She laughs and suggests “get interest rates on savings up”, but he repeats the “lower taxes and reduce the debt” contradiction.

Later, entering Eugene/OR (where Olympic Track tryouts have elevated motel prices to Olympian heights: Oh, my Zeus), local public radio announces Lane County is releasing 100 jailed prisoners “due to budget constraints” and “laying off a number of police” (fortunately, this anxiety-creating news is leavened with humor… a newly released prisoner is overjoyed “because the food they serve in there SUCKS”… shouldn’t there be an “entitlement program…?”)


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