T/Blues: 06/24/2012

Stroll along Main St. A photo here; a photo there: but mostly just watching a passing parade, who “strut their hour upon the stage… and then are seen no more”.


Downtown Main St

Predominantly white, middle-aged & older, financially comfortable (full price tix top $100), there’s also an edgier young, tattooed, skateboarder crowd… all with eyes which suggest “predator”.


Police Station” “An open & Closed case?

Must admit, despite my respect for local police, zipping about on a Segway? (Can you IMAGINE “The French Connection” if Gene Hackman’s chase scene was conducted on a Segway?). And, for sheer ambiguity, how are we supposed to interpret our police STATION?

Was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY sure that, being Sunday, would be able to get tickets for “Animal Crackers” matinee. Wrong! Bummer!

Use time to meander out to North Mountain Park, set up computer in an alcove of its Men’s Room, and organize photos. (Surprise maintenance guy who comes to “close up”. “There’s never ANYBODY using THIS bathroom”).

At Standing Stone Brewery dine & converse w/a young couple from Portland who come down monthly. Two super-intensity people, Dona (brought up in nearby Medford/OR) and James (‘let’s just say a Cleveland suburb”) have a vitality which makes “being young again” awfully attractive. We blather about politics (“#1: lower taxes; #2: lower taxes”), Old Will, “the company” (performers/performances), how Ashland has changed (and, indirectly, how Dona has changed).

Am able to get seat about seven rows from stage, a bit off to the left for a slick performance of the “rain” of Henry V”. Again, drenched by downpours, cast does an amazing job, and those of us in a “light” Sunday night performance offer applause generously.


Elizabethan Theatre: “Henry V” staging


Elizabethan Theatre: subjected to Henry V’s reign?


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