T/Blues: 06/23/2012


“Hey… wait for me”

Face inclement morning w/a stroll through Ashland’s Lithia Park. Find myself playing “turtle” to a bunch of “bunnies” speed-walking or jogging.

Decide to pursue purchasing a “notebook” (fellow Mended Hearts visitor Howard Seigel had introduced me to his iPod Touch [a lot more practical & compact than my laptop], but discovered these ol’ eyes/fingers need a sturdier keyboard). Oregon, w/o sales tax, offers an immediate 10% discount…  ah, joy!

Off to Wal-Mart, in Talent/OR w/o success, but recommendations for Staples, Fred Meyer (a Wal-Mart competitor here in America’s Northwest), Office Depot, ad infinitum… w/o success. Take a last chance w/Target (now, you must understand… am NOT Target’s demographic… their stores are just SO squeaky clean, well-lighted, wide-aisled, w/ever-helpful staff… all the things heard Sam Walton tell a Torrance/CA staff when he opened an early Wal-Mart there. Oh, where, oh where, have all those deliciously grungy K-Marts gone?).

They have an “Acer” (why not just “Ace”?) notebook… it has REAL keys. It’s a little taller/wider than hoped for [it WAS to fit in my shoulder bag w/o showing], and a 10-hr battery life (there IS, apparently, a motif which connects battery-driven electronic gear to new autos: some of their more attractive features disappear once the perimeter of the seller’s parking lot has been crossed… not TOO big a deal, but reality turns out to be about six hrs between charging).


Elizabethan Stage: “All’s (S)Well That Ends Well”

Back in Ashland, score a half-price ticket to “As You Like It” about six rows from Elizabeth theatre’s stage. An on-again, off-again drizzle whets my appetite for mulled wine at intermission. (Am cautious about “standing ovations [“popes & presidents”, I sez], but the cast does SUCH a good job in Arden’s (rain)-forest, find my ENTHUSIASM undampened, and rise, along w/others, in appreciation)

(NOTE: Ashland’s a bit different due to many visits.  So “pages” of photos, tho IDENTIFIED by “date”, will actually reflect “locales”)


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