T/Blues: 6/20/2012

Got away about midday… and got first surprise in Vallejo, where Safeway knocked gas price down to $3.38 p/g (who knows “Why”?).  Alas, slipping thru American Canyon’s conflicting verdant fields & beige hills highlighted by occasional green-black foliage patterns, a second surprise, a “brake down” as it were, features a slightly dragging brake: no smoke, no smell… just a slowness to accelerate & a quickness to pause (Hmmm!)

In Napa, manage to find Hess Winery, and while their collection of

Hess Winery gardens

Hess Winery gardens

Hess Winery gardens

Hess Winery gardens

modern art is good, tho not extensive, found their wine delightful, and their modest native” gardens quite attractive.

Continue into substantial (commuter?) traffic heading away from Napa Valley & very heavy St Helena traffic, before deciding to camp @ Calistoga fairgrounds. (For those of you who keep track of these things, once decided automatic chokes a great evil [over many years they’ve improved to near-perfection]. My NEW bete noir is unlimited cellphone plans… a drawling Virginian father, one campsite over, spent 45 minutes talking to “folks back home”, as his pre-teen youngsters sat scowling in boredom).

In tomorrow’s episode…


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