New Kid on the Blog

At 78, am venturing into somewhat intimidating territory. (There’s a bunch of new terms to learn: some unknown at all; some vaguely, if not usefully, familiar).

Some of you “old hands” at blogging may think “ga-ga”, but hope to get better.

To that end, any suggested improvements will be considered courteously (which is not to suggest endless “tweakings”). Feel free to offer guidance on “how” and “why” (criticism for the sake of criticism wastes everyone’s time) changes should be pondered.

Advance “Thanks” for your patience & support.

Carl E Gallagher (hereafter: CEG)


2 Responses to New Kid on the Blog

  1. Greg L says:

    I’m excited to see what is in store for the future. With your scope of travel, I think this is the best way to document where you go and give everyone the opportunity to experience your travels!

    • ceg1934 says:



      Plan to do a little more “tweaking” before “casting my bread upon the waters” (each day offers some add’l insights about helping people cope w/product of my warped mind).

      Pls feel free to peek in at any of the blog “pages” (you may see something as a reader which escapes me completely as an author) which will be added over the next couple weeks.

      Thanks again


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